About us

What started many years ago as a possible passing interest in floral design very quickly grew into a passion....and as my husband will say, a serious obsession.

I love working with all types of flowers, but my true passion is creating floral designs using naturally dried and preserved flowers.  There is a science to growing and preserving flowers and an art form in using them to create floral designs.  The challenge of both is what I thrive on!

While I am the floral designer, photographer, and blogger here at Dried Flowers Forever, my husband, Lance, is the one who creates the final amazing arrangements that everyone "oohs" and "ahhs" about and ships them out in a timely manner.  So really, he is WAY more important than me.  Dried Flowers Forever is a family business in the truest sense.

We have three school aged children who have worked with flowers since they were toddlers and can name most flowers, domestically grown or wild, on sight.  Poor kids!!  They take great pride in our family business, and I hope it will instill a strong work ethic and appreciation for all things natural and beautiful.

We have had the immense pleasure of creating the flower arrangements for over 800 weddings and special events, shipped to all 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Ireland, England, Norway, and just recently Fiji.  Besides our online presence and reputation, we use client referrals (the oohs and ahhs matter to us) as our main means for spreading the word about our products.

Thank you for taking an interest in our online store.  To learn more about us, please read my blog or visit us at our NEW brick & mortar studio at 633 Struck Street in Madison, WI and say, "hello" in person.    

For a private consultation, please contact us at driedflowersforever@gmail.com to set-up an appointment.


Laura Bakken